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Pop singer and songwriter with jazz, soul and R&B influences, Alessandra lives between London, LA and Milano. Classically trained vocalist and pianist, her first singles ' Something so Good' and 'Let It Rain' have been presented on BBC London Introducing and trending on all platforms. Her new single 'I Do It For Love' is out now.

Alessandra Grace is a London based singer and songwriter originally from Italy but who grew up traveling all over the world.

Growing up listening to incredible artists such as Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Etta James as well as international singers and songwriters Alessandra began studying classical piano at the age of 5 and soon began writing her own tunes about life and about putting up a fight for whom and what you love. Her collaboration with producer Matthew Moz Jenkins in LA and her decision to leave a corporate role to pursue music as a full time career inspired her EP ‘I do it for love’. Her first single 'Something so Good' was released in July and has been aired by BBC London Introducing as well as many other radios. 


With an enticing mix of pop and R&B beats ’I do it for love’ addresses the importance of pursuing our goals, of believing in ourselves and going after what we want for the strongest reason of all: love.


Love and empowerment are at the base of Alessandra Grace’s work as she performs in London’s most exclusive venues such as Tramp, The Scotch, Albert’s, The Box, Twiga and Home House both her upcoming EP and original covers of renowned pop, soul and jazz songs.

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