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Have you ever considered leaving your job and changing your career completely to build the life you always dreamed of? Well, a year ago, that’s exactly what I did and now…I’m a singer songwriter, a bit of a writer and, now that I’ve found meaning, a happiness hunter. To chase my dreams, I have been traveling all over the world in order to work with the best.

I have been a global trotter since I was 9. I am blessed with an amazing family and real, one of a kind friends and I would not be writing any of this without their support. (I should probably inform them I’m starting a blog…)

I am currently homeless - status which will be amended soon - and have been without a fixed home for a year and two months. Having said this, my homeless status means bed surfing at stunning friend’s houses between London, LA, Milan, NYC and several other cities and yes, I have been doing what so many people have always wanted to do, living on the road, fighting for what I believe in and pursuing my dreams.

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