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The adventure.

Music has always been my happy place, ever since I was a child. Today it remains my happy place but it’s also my stressful place, my sad place, my anxiety place, my work place and way too many other things. I needed to find something new, something that allowed me to know that I am okay, something light, fun and not stressful, and something that reminds me I doing everything I possibly can to go after my dreams. That’s how I created this blank canvas full of stories and thoughts.

Letting go of everything you know, everything you have built in years of hard work in pursuit of something you envision is not a joke, and it’s not by any means easy. I read quotes everywhere about taking the leap, about believing in yourself and, as you know, I am all for it, but at the same time you have to really plan, you have to be aware that nothing of your original plan will actually happen, you have to be ready to work harder than you ever did in your life, you have to learn to be alone, not to be understood and appreciated, and most of all know that there is a chance you won’t make it in what you had initially set out to do.

People often ask me how long I have given myself, which means - how long till I give up. Another question I get a lot is: ‘what’s your plan B’?

Here’s the thing, I don’t believe in plan B’s. I believe in plan A, which is living your life and not letting life live you. This means, I will do something else when there is something I would rather be doing. Do I believe I have a chance at making it in music? Of course. I believe I can because I am doing it with the heart, with meaning. However, I don’t only want to sing in life, I also want to have significant relationships with family and friends, I want to be healthy, I want to learn to take care of myself more, work out, travel the world and many other things.

In order to write great songs, I need a life to talk about, I need people to inspire me, I need alone time to reconnect to myself and tell what I’ve learned, live through all the feelings.

My goal is to design the lifestyle I have always envisioned. And with experiences and life happening, visions change and evolve. Music is my way of sharing the most intimate part of me with the world, and I hope that it can be there for you in happy times and in sad moments though the journey of life.

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